"I’m truly lucky to say that I get to do what I love

It is a passion and an obsession. "

Who I am

I don't know when I first picked up a camera, I'm sure it was a 110 instamatic though. I was exposed to International travel early on and some of my earliest photos are from Mexico and Belize where I sometimes spent part of the winters with my granparents.

I do know that I first got serious about photography while I was in High School, my aunt loaned me her old Canon AE-1 for a Photo class (I needed an art credit and I suck at drawing/painting/sculpting), it wasn't long before I was begging the instructor for more darkroom time (She said I could have time at lunch if I could get into the darkroom, behind a locked door. I learned to pick the art room door so I could get in, she gave me a key very soon after that) and winding film on my own time for outside of class projects. I took a break after I wore the gears out of that camera but eventually the bug was too strong to resist and I moved to the Nikon digital system. I also own 120 roll film cameras, some antiques that you can't hardly get film for anymore, and a 4x5 View camera in addition to my Nikons.


I’ve been shooting for over twenty years now and I’m looking forward to the next twenty years! I invite you to come take part in my journey and I’ll help you capture some memories of your own!

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